A little about us
Church Project is basically a gambling wiki about the hows and what not to do's of gambling. Which can be pretty useful if you aspire to gamble real money. Below is the source of our information.
Should i gamble?
Gambling can be a lot like the stock market but if you make the right decisions they can really pay off in the end. Well gambling has always been known to completely change people's lives. Whether is for the better or worse, the effects it has over us are undeniable
Choosing the right Slot Machine
First you must decide whether to play for a penny, a nickel machines, quarter machines, or a dollar machine. Then you look at the total number of lines that are able to play on the computer and the total amount of funds you are able to gamble. Example: You are in a nickel machine that a maximum of 9 pay lines and a maximum of 25 credits to deploy. So if you all nine times the maximum credit you bet $ 2.25 per roll. The minimum bet would be 9 lines x 5 credits would be 0.45 cents per roll. This applies to machines of all denominations. Multiply the maximum number of lines to bet on how many credits to bet on the specific name of that machine

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