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First you must decide whether to play for a penny, a nickel machines, quarter machines, or a dollar machine.

Then you look at the total number of lines that are able to play on the computer and the total amount of funds you are able to gamble. Example: You are in a nickel machine that a maximum of 9 pay lines and a maximum of 25 credits to deploy. So if you all nine times the maximum credit you bet $ 2.25 per roll. The minimum bet would be 9 lines x 5 credits would be 0.45 cents per roll. This applies to machines of all denominations. Multiply the maximum number of lines to bet on how many credits to bet on the specific name of that machine.

Always play the maximum number of lines, even if you only want the minimum number of credits. This gives at least most of the media to try to win.

Each machine usually show the last payment was. So while walking machines to try to point out that the machines have paid and how much they paid. This should give you an idea of what machines have paid and which to avoid.

Select the device outside the area itself, where people cannot. The machines are all making noise and are usually the ones who do not pay much, because everyone wants a chance of fun, put them. The fact that they are on and bright, does not mean they will pay.

Deciding what kind of reward you are looking for the slot machine. Do you want a machine that rewards you with bonus games free bonus money, or just extra credits?

Try machinery for the bonds payable in scattered the cylinders, not just the bonuses in the first three lines can be found. Also look for machines to offer different types of bonds. Good machines offer free spins bonus and multiply their profits. Cascading reels often you hit a bonus and reactivated the bonus, while the reels are spinning.

When you think of cash immediately after hitting a bonus, it is advisable to only bet a few times after reaching the bonus. Sometimes the machine will award a bonus to shortly complete.

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